Self-Adhesive Labels

Benchmark Labels offers an extensive range of label sizes 
along with media types, paper, card, synthetic, transfer and
 direct thermal styles, plain and printed. 

Labels can be supplied in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, rolled, fan-folded and sheet. - Please view our standard label cutter library  Here

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Both branded and compatible ribbons are supplied from 
World-renowned manufacturers
with most grades ie. Wax, 
Wax/Resin and Full Resin available, not only in Black 
but also in a variety of colours and in many choices of ribbon
widths and lengths to suit. Both Internal and external wound types.

Thermal transfer ribbons catered for are TEC, Zebra, Citizen, Intermec, SATO etc.

Additional Services

Benchmark Labels supply a range of Printers, Printer consumables such as Cleaning cloths, head cleaning solution and Printer Servicing for most makes.

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